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Our clinical analysis services provide a comprehensive review of your clinical management systems, patient outcomes, and administrative workflow procedures. We identify pain points and inefficiencies in every clinical and supportive department, and provide recommendations to improve your practice performance. Additionally, we review your patient communication materials and office procedures to ensure they align with your clinic's mission, vision, and philosophy.  


Our financial analysis services provide a comprehensive review of key performance indicators through historical data analysis. We collect data on clinical overhead, including operating expenses such as staffing, lease/mortgage payments, common charges, and other fees. Our analysis includes program offerings and clinical financial plans, conversion and retention rates, as well as a review of treatments, services, products, and/or offerings to identify which areas of the practice yield the highest and lowest return. 


We also review independent contractor agreements and associate contracts to assess break-even points and profitability for the practice, as well as revenue integrations with existing platforms. 

Sales & Marketing

Our services include a detailed review of previous marketing strategies, platforms used, data analyzed from those efforts and outcomes. We also offer a comprehensive market analysis to ensure strategies align with demographic, market competition, product/service rates, etc. Additionally, we can review all products, programs and services to identify profitability and which areas to focus future attention. Finally, we can discuss future short/long term goals and develop marketing strategies accordingly, while also reviewing your website's performance including branding, graphic design, content, and usability.

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