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"I provide my clients with the freedom to comfortably enjoy life. Which means they can take that beach holiday or book a weekday tee time without sacrificing their clinics performance"

Our Team

Genevieve Drummond, CEO and Founder

With over 8 years of experience acting as both as consultant and clinical director, I have built programs and strategies that help practitioners optimize their businesses and clinical functions.

With an educational foundation in Business Communications, Digital Marketing and Finance, I started my career as an Account Executive while working in financial services. I've supported the growth and management of corporate group health and wellness programs for large union-based organizations. After recognizing the health challenges so many individuals were facing, I felt drawn to position myself to have a greater positive impact in the healthcare field. As such, I decided to pursue a career in the clinical medical space. I subsequently earned a degree in nutritional sciences while working in clinical consulting and management. 

Throughout my career, I have always maintained the desire to positively impact the quality of people's lives.  After relocating from Ontario, Canada to Charleston, South Carolina, I knew I wanted to apply my industry knowledge and consulting experience to launch a unique business model. My goal was to create an environment where I could provide my clients with all the benefits of hiring a clinical director without having to be financially responsible for their longterm employment. This enables me to effectively support the growth and efficiencies of various medical and integrative clinics while be cost-effective. 


Hummingbird Clinical Consulting was developed to impact change in the field of healthcare, address gaps in clinical management, optimize business development and clinical functions, as well as provide my clients with the freedom to live a balanced life.    

Client Services

james 2.jpeg
James Betz - Consultant

James is an executive level healthcare leader with over 17 years of experience. As a medical military officer, he utilizes his leadership and management expertise to facilitate process improvement and drive outcomes to optimize healthcare operations. 


James spent the past four years serving as a Project Manager delivering cross cutting, data driven solutions to allow organizations greater financial flexibility when implementing and developing new programs. He enjoys utilizing his leadership and management experience gained from running military medical clinics for the United States Air Force to also drive improved individual and community health outcomes.


 He has his Masters in Public Health from New York University and has received a number of accolades in his career including being chosen as the USAF Public Health Officer of the Year for his work in developing and implementing novel metrics to improve total force health outcomes and expanding operational capabilities. 

Since joining the Hummingbird team, James collaborates on medium to large clinical projects while applying his industry knowledge to drive our clients success. 


 When not working he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and four amazing children in Mount Pleasant where they all take full advantage of what the low country has to offer in fishing, crabbing and being outdoors.

Creative Team

Jacqueline Smith - Photography 

Jacqueline founded Southern Vintage Photography in 2014 and has been offering wedding and portrait photography services inspired by the southern culture of Charleston.  

She offers uniquely tailored lifestyle photography to our clients, that will coincide with our business planning and content creation. She will often be referred to a clinic when we are in the processes of redesigning their website, or creating marketing and promotional content for various programs. 


Jacqueline seeks to capture your personality through her images while providing an elegant and sophisticated feel. 

Jessie Smith - Videographer/Producer

Jessie owns PALMETTO COAST MEDIA, a video production company based in Charleston, South Carolina. From concept to final product, they carefully curate the images, sounds and messages that best represent our clients brand. By collaborating with Hummingbird Clinical Consulting LLC, their experienced team effectively brings to life our vision for marketing/branding and program offerings through stunning high quality footage. 


Their primary goal is simple; to create beautiful video content that tells a meaningful story by highlighting the unique nature of our clients practices.

Website and Marketing Team


John Drummond - Communications Manager 

John has background as a tenured educator while holding a Master's of Education, with over 16 years of experience in an academic leadership role. His primary focus was in business marketing, communications and finance for the International Baccalaureate program.  

He leads the creation of all our training and development courses in addition to on-boarding/ HR content for our clients. 


In addition, John runs our HUMMINGBIRD MEDIA services. As an Adobe Certified Associate, his skills include media creations, graphic design and editing as well as website development. 

Tara - Go With Flo - 015.jpeg
Tara-Lynn Charbonneau - Digital Marketing

Tara-Lynn is an experienced web designer + tech specialist who provides our clients with creative solutions to help them save time and scale their businesses. Tara-Lynn believes that business owners should be able to see the growth they desire while still enjoying the freedom that comes with the entrepreneur lifestyle.


Over the last 10 years, Tara-Lynn has supported, managed, and grown multiple 7 figure businesses with her tech, web, e-commerce, and course creation skills. Tara-Lynn loves getting the opportunity to work with business owners that inspire her and she enjoys working closely with wellness based practices. 


Tara-Lynn is an expert in all things tech and systems. Among many of her accomplishments, she has taken on speaking engagements on merchant panels at Shopify HQ,  outlining her work with the platform.


When she is not working with business owners, Tara-Lynn enjoys pursuing other creative outlets such as floral design or spending time with loved ones.

Shane Soifert - Website Architect

Shane is an expert software developer and solutions architect with over 11 years experience in the professional software field. Specializing in Salesforce, he has focused his attention on bringing client’s aspirations to fruition through his technical expertise in development and architecture. He holds multiple certifications in various software stacks including  Salesforce Commerce Cloud Certified Solutions Architect and Salesforce Commerce Cloud Certified Developer. He is constantly motivated to expand his working knowledge and spends his spare time staying up to the date on the latest technology stacks. As the lead website architect on many high profile projects, he has worked for brands such as Vineyard Vines, GNC, Bowflex and Under Armour apparel. 

Since joining the Hummingbird team, he assists on our more complex website visions for our clients, using his experience to create unique functionalities. He collaborates with our website design and digital marketing expert to bring our visions to life!

In his personal time, he spends every moment with his loving wife and their two boys in the beautiful South Carolina coast.

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