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Clinical Consulting



Our goal is to optimize clinical efficiency while fostering a holistic approach to business development and clinical management. We believe that meeting the needs of the client is paramount in creating a lasting and trusting business relationship. Therefore, we make it a priority to understand the unique nature of your business and clearly identify your personal and professional goals. We are passionate and dedicated to improving patient care, clinical outcomes and business performance.


We get to the root of what makes your practice special. It is important to capture both the philosophy and your clinics mission in all of our planning.

Why is that?

We firmly believe that an individualized approach to our business planning and strategies result in optimal longterm success. We are active listeners, problem solvers and creative planners. 

Although my stay at your practice will be interminable, my goal is to provide a personalized service, that will ensure your exact needs are met.   

I have a unique perspective in the internal functions of various clinical modalities, having spent over 8 years working as a Clinical Director and Consultant. I understand firsthand a doctor's desire to impact change in the health of their community, improve patient outcomes but still attain financial freedom and carve out time to connect with their family.   

Hummingbird Clinical Consulting LLC exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our approach is not only what differentiates us, but it's what drives our clients success. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help clinics facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.  

I take all your hopes and dreams for your professional and personal life, and deliver them back to you in the form of an actionable, realistic strategy.

Most of my clients have the same three challenges in their practice:

1. They have ambitious growth goals, but don't have the systems, automations or programs in place to allow them to efficiently thrive and get to the next level.

2. They struggle with infrastructure challenges and inability to remotely manage their business as well as streamline their employee performance.

3. They want to have more free time with their family, but they're held to oversee all the aspects of their business, pulling them away from important work/life balance.



Working with an experienced clinical consultant provides you with the all the benefits of hiring a clinical director, without the financial burden of keeping them on staff full time . I come in when most needed, assess your pain points, provide actionable strategy with data-driven insights and present realistic outcomes.

Here are some of the benefits you'll see with working with me:

    Lowered overhead expenses

    Increased profitability and sustainable practice growth 

    Increased efficiency and improved employee performance

    Optimized work/life balance

    Improved goal setting and achievement

    Improved key performance indicators 

    Optimized remote management of practice

"I come in, assess your pain points, provide actionable strategy and present realistic outcomes"

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