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About Us

"We're not just a business; we're a community striving to revolutionize healthcare delivery"

Our Difference

Are you looking to align your practice with your values and philosophy?  Understanding your “why” is crucial for success.  

At Hummingbird Clinical Consulting LLC, we understand that your practice is unique and we want to showcase that. 
By taking the time to understand your mission, we will create a plan that truly captures what makes your clinic special. 

Our founder, with over 14 years of experience in patient care and clinical leadership, understands firsthand the desire to impact change in the health of your community, improve patient outcomes but still attain financial freedom and carve out time to connect with your family.  Our approach is not only what differentiates us, but it's what drives our clients success. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help clinics facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

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Top Three Challenges

Most of our clients face similar challenges in their practice:

1. They aspire to grow their business ambitiously, but lack the necessary systems, automations or programs to make it happen efficiently. This often hinders their progress and prevents them from reaching their goals. 

2. They are challenged with managing their clinic efficiently, as well as streamlining employee performance. This typically results in additional working hours and leads to poor staffing retention, impaired patient care and clinician burnout. 

3. They would like to create a way to generate passive revenue and spend more quality time with their family.  However, they are consumed by overseeing all aspects of their business, which hinders important  work/life balance. 

Our Benefits

Engaging with a seasoned clinical consultant can bring many benefits without the financial responsibility of employing a full-time clinical director. I focus on delivering strategic insights, data-backed solutions, and tangible results precisely when you require them most. The perks of partnering with me comprise:


  • Reduction in overhead costs

  • Boosted profitability, client loyalty, and steady practice expansion

  • Improved productivity and enhanced staff effectiveness

  • Fine-tuned work-life harmony

  • Better goal establishment and attainment

  • Refined remote practice oversight

  • Alleviated clinician and staff exhaustion

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