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The analysis phase is a crucial step in understanding your business needs and goals. Our team will work closely with you to review your processes and data to identify areas of improvement. We offer Clinical, Financial, Sales & Marketing analysis services. 


In Clinical analysis, we review your management systems, patient outcomes, and workflow procedures, identifying pain points and inefficiencies across all departments. 


For Financial analysis, we delve into key performance indicators and historical data to evaluate clinical overhead, operating expenses, and revenue integrations. 


In Sales & Marketing, our detailed review covers previous strategies, market analysis, and product profitability. 

In order to support our clinics remotely, we’ve designed a functional Complementary Analysis Questionnaire and personalized roadmap to help practices optimize their operations without barriers.

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Software & Systems

Efficient clinical workflows are crucial for the success of any practice. Our platform offers a range of software solutions, including practice management, human resource software, claims processing, and EHR solutions, to help providers focus on delivering the best care possible. 


We've identified the top 10 areas for optimization to address the daily struggles independent practices face, significantly impacting the quality of care, patient experience, and profitability of your practice. 


Our tailored software consulting service ensures a customized automation roadmap for your practice.

Marketing & Media 

Our Marketing & Media services offer a comprehensive approach to help you achieve your goals. We provide online advertising, website creation, graphic design, and social media campaigns tailored to your unique needs. 


Our graphic design services ensure cohesive and attention-grabbing visuals, while our website creation focuses on modern, responsive designs that enhance visitor engagement and boost conversion rates. Our digital marketing team is dedicated to driving results through targeted campaigns that enhance your online presence and deliver measurable outcomes.

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Recruiting & Coaching

Building the right team is essential for achieving practice goals. At Hummingbird Clinical Consulting LLC, we offer a range of services, including assessments for personality, cognitive aptitude, hard skills, job knowledge, situational judgment, and culture fit. 


Investing in these assessments can optimize efficiency, reduce burnout, and create a happier work environment aligned with your medical philosophy.  In addition, we provide tailored employee coaching programs and integrate healthcare technology to streamline tasks, allowing your team to focus on meaningful patient care. 


Our focus on empathy as a key quality in all candidates ensures that your team reflects your philosophy and mission in medicine. Let us help streamline your recruitment process and develop a comprehensive training program tailored to your clinic's needs. 


We can assist in recruiting associate doctors and independent contractors, expanding your offerings and clinical performance. 

Health Program Accelerator

Health programs are essential on our wellness journey, but many fall short in delivering desired outcomes. At Hummingbird Clinical Consulting LLC, we're revolutionizing health programs to be evidence-based, realistic, and tailored to individual needs.  Our program development service specialized in offering customized, interactive and practical courses that meet the needs of your patients. Our collaborative approach ensures that you'll be involved in every step of the process. We work closely with you to understand your learners needs and clinical goals to design a program that delivers your desired outcomes. 

Here's how we stand out: 

  • Empowering clients with evidence-based information for informed lifestyle choices. 

  • Offering realistic expectations and outcomes.

  • Providing telemedicine consultations for personalized 1:1 sessions. 

  • Prioritizing individualized medicine by rostering patients virtually.

  • Recognizing bio-individuality, steering away from one-size-fits-all solutions.

  • Offering clear post-program guidance to avoid confusion.  

To learn more about our Health Program Accelerator Questionnaire and our 8 Steps To Program Completion, click here. 

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