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  • What services do you provide?
    At Hummingbird Clinical Consulting LLC, we provide a wide range of consulting services tailored to the unique needs of healthcare organizations and professionals. Our services include clinical practice assessment, health program development, quality improvement initiatives, staff recruiting and coaching, electronic health record optimization, and workflow analysis. We also offer expertise in healthcare data analytics, telemedicine implementation, and patient-centered care strategies. Further, we provide marketing and media services aligned with practice goals and brand messaging. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized and innovative solutions to help healthcare professionals thrive in an ever-evolving industry.
  • What is the Health Program Accelerator?
    The Health Program Accelerator provided by Hummingbird Clinical Consulting LLC is a comprehensive and tailored program designed to expedite the development and implementation of healthcare initiatives. Our team of experienced consultants and scientific writers will work closely with your practice to assess current programs, identify areas for improvement, develop strategic plans, and provide ongoing support to ensure successful outcomes. With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, the Health Program Accelerator aims to streamline processes, enhance patient care, and drive positive results for your healthcare program. Whether you are looking to launch a new initiative, optimize existing programs, or navigate complex regulatory requirements, our accelerator program is designed to meet your specific needs and propel your organization forward. We provide support for health programs intended for hybrid practice models in addition to programs intended for patient education and retention.
  • What can I expect during an analysis of my practice?
    When you engage in an analysis of your practice with Hummingbird Clinical Consulting LLC, you can expect a comprehensive and personalized approach tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experienced clinical consultants will conduct a thorough review of your practice, including an analysis of operational processes, financial performance, staff productivity, and patient satisfaction. We will work closely with you to identify areas of improvement and develop a customized plan to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your practice. Our goal is to provide actionable insights and recommendations that will ultimately lead to improved patient care, increased revenue, and sustainable growth for your practice. Throughout the analysis process, you can expect transparent communication, collaborative problem-solving, and unwavering support from our dedicated consultants. At Hummingbird Clinical Consulting LLC, we are committed to empowering healthcare professionals to achieve their goals and drive positive outcomes for their practice.
  • What type of coaching do you offer?
    Hummingbird Clinical Consulting LLC offers a range of team assessments for areas such as personality, cognitive aptitude, hard skills, job knowledge, situational judgment, and culture fit. Investing in these assessments for your team can enhance workplace satisfaction, reduce burnout, optimize efficiency, and create a happier environment aligned with your philosophy. Our coaching approach is deeply personalized, focusing on understanding each healthcare provider’s specialties and motivations. Genevieve blends her expertise in clinical leadership, patient care, team coaching and marketing to help bring her clients practice goals to fruition. Additionally, we provide tailored employee coaching programs and integrate healthcare technology to streamline tasks, allowing your team to focus on meaningful patient care. Remember your team is your greatest asset. We aim to optimize strategies and empower your existing team to excel.
  • Do you offer complementary consultations?
    Yes we do! You can schedule a discovery call with our CEO, Gen Drummond at the following link
  • Do you offer complementary remote clinical analysis?
    Yes we do! In order to support our clinics remotely, we’ve designed a functional Complementary Analysis Questionnaire and personalized roadmap to help practices optimize their operations without barriers. Link found here
  • Can you help me launch a virtual practice?
    Yes! We offer a comprehensive approach to help you seamlessly establish your online practice. Our services include: - Strategic development to facilitate online practice including healthcare technology implementation and workflow optimization - Access to telemedicine and 300+ labs in the U.S. - Integration for prescription and supplement ordering - Full setup support from website building to administrative and clinical processes Virtual practices significantly enhance healthcare delivery by improving access to care, enabling remote patient monitoring, and facilitating seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers. They also allow for efficient management of chronic conditions through telemedicine and virtual assistants, leading to better patient outcomes and satisfaction Let us guide you in launching your virtual practice hassle-free. Streamline your workflows, generate passive income, and continue delivering personalized healthcare
  • What areas of my practice will you optimize?
    Here are the top 10 areas we've identified for optimization and how our recommendations can assist you; - Streamlining billing and reimbursements - Improving payment processes - Enhancing patient payment management - Boosting patient retention and reducing missed appointments - Addressing staff turnover and burnout - Attracting and retaining the right patients - Managing marketing tasks effectively - Tracking and enhancing financial performance - Improving care documentation processes - Educating patients about their care and insurance. These challenges impact your practice's quality of care, patient experience, and profitability. Upgrading work processes and embracing modern technology is the key to success. Our solutions include: - Simplifying EHR processes - Streamlining billing and insurance tasks - Patient acquisition and retention strategies - Practice performance analysis - Profitability enhancement techniques - Accelerating reimbursements - Reducing care complexity - Combating burnout among providers and staff Our tailored software consulting service ensures a customized automation roadmap for your practice. We offer complementary in-depth analysis and software discovery calls for all our prospective clients! Link can be found at our analysis or book a consultation today! Let's transform your practice for a more efficient and successful future.
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